Important Information for Commercial Property Leases

Leasing a commercial property allows you to begin your business venture without hesitation, however, there are many important pieces of information you should know ahead of time. Leasing a commercial property is considerably different than leasing a residential property. Arm yourself with the knowledge of leasing and ensure a successful rental experience. Some very important information you can use when leasing a commercial property can be found below.  Use this information to benefit your future endeavors.

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Quiet Enjoyment

Leasing a commercial property in Austin awards you the right of quiet enjoyment of your rental property. This same courtesy must also be given to other people who lease properties within the same premises.  The terms of quiet enjoyment vary from one lease to the next, but generally, your establishment cannot disturb people outside or neighboring businesses.

Warrant of Habitability

Residential leases enjoy a warrant of habitability that commercial leases do not. The implied warranty of rehabilitation requires the landlord to keep the property well maintained and fit for human habitation. A commercial lease negates that the tenant is responsible for any damages or breakdowns that occur. You will pay for these expenses out of your own pocket.

Right of Entry

Landlords must provide a notice to a commercial tenant before they enter a commercial property. The amount of time that a landlord must give the tenant varies and can be negotiated between the tenant and landlord.

Talk to a Real Estate Attorney

It may benefit you to sit down and talk to a real estate attorney austin tx before signing a commercial lease. An attorney can provide guidance and information that protects you from start to finish. Most lawyers offer a free, no obligation consultation to help you better understand commercial leases and how they can benefit your project.